How do I accept orders for more than one of the same item?

What is the Quantity field?

You can use the Quantity field in the Quick Order form to allow customers to buy more than one of the same item. Shown below is an example of what customers see on a quick order listing with the Quantity field enabled.


How does the Quantity field work?

The customers can choose a quantity from 1-10. Once the customers chooses a quantity, the price updates accordingly. Quantity multiplies the price of the item after any shipping or quick order specifications are included.

For example, let's say the customer chooses 'Canada' as their shipment region which adds an additional $100 and also chooses a quantity of 2. The price the customer pays would be: (5,000 + 100) x 2 = $10,200. The same applies for any quick order options that the customers select; the quick order options are included before the quantity is multiplied. 

How do I enable the Quantity field on my listings?

  1. Go to My Listings under your profile page
  2. Click on the listing you wish to edit. Remember only 'quick order' listings need to specify if quantity is allowed. If your listing is an 'example project' you can stop here.
  3. At this point, you should see the field 'Allow quantity orders' as shown below. Check or uncheck the field as desired.
  4. Click 'update listing' at the bottom of the form 

Currently, you cannot specify bulk discounts via the quantity field.  In cases where you'd like to offer bulk discounts we suggest including the following in your listing description: "Use the Contact Maker for Custom Request option for information about bulk discounts".  

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