How to write an engaging business description that wins over customers

Nearly every customer looks at a maker's profile before deciding whether or not to work with them. In addition to providing quality listing photos, detailed listing descriptions and a clear, well-lit profile photo of yourself, describing your unique set of skills and qualifications is a key component of your maker profile, and many times your first chance to convince a customer that you a great maker to work with. Consider these tips when writing an effective company description:

  • Utilize the first person (I/we) point of view
  • Tell a story about yourself or your company that engages and inspires the customer
  • Be personable and engaging in your language and tone
  • Mention your professional training and certifications and why you are experienced in your field
  • Utilize layman’s terms potential customers will understand
  • Describe the types of jobs you specialize in
  • Break your information into 3-4 discrete paragraphs to make the section easier to read

We recommend that you include three sections and a closing section in your Business Description section. Be as specific as you can when writing your about section. Instead of saying “I can make anything” say “I build dining tables, chairs and beds.” The more specific you can be, the more search engine friendly your profile will be.

  1. Introduction and qualifications
    • Tell the story of you and/or your company’s origins
    • Explain your training and qualifications
    • Share details about your background and expertise that will instill trust in potential customers
    • Convey to potential customers that customer satisfaction is your highest priority and that you stand behind your work
  2. Inspiration, technique and beliefs
    • Talk about your personal style, technique and preferred materials
    • Give examples of pieces you’ve completed and how you brought your personal style to the project or worked with a customer to merge your styles
    • Share your perspective/point of view. If you've designed your business to be eco-friendly, talk about that and why it's important to you. If you believe in using only conflict-free diamonds (or no diamonds at all), talk about why this matters to you. A personal point of view engages prospective customers better than the willingness to adopt their own point of view.
  3. Your process and shipping or delivery methods.
    • Explain how you prefer to work. Mention how long things take to make; what type of communication to expect; and whether you start with sketches, models or swatches.
    • Describe how you ship your pieces. Include details such as insurance, shipping timelines and options you have such as gift boxes and delivery options you may offer in specific areas. Also indicate if customers should expect minor installation on site after receiving an item
  4. Closing statement.
    • Sign this section as you would a friendly letter. This will engage your customers and give it a personal touch.
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