How to craft an engaging listing description

When you set up a profile on CustomMade, we give you great exposure to customers shopping via search engines such as Google and Bing. These visitors use keywords that ultimately bring them to a CustomMade webpage. Apply these guidelines to your listings to maximize your search engine visibility and increase your chances of being featured in CustomMade’s hand-picked galleries and email marketing campaigns.

Give your listing a descriptive title. It is important to think like a customer when writing a title. Here's an example:

GOOD: Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table

BAD: Custom Dining Table

  • Identify the style and function of the item. Doing so clearly describes the product and increases the chance that your item will match one or more keywords that a customer uses to search for an item.
  • Aim for 60 characters or less so it wraps to no more than two lines in your listing.
  • If your listing includes customizable variations like metal, wood and stone variations, do not reference a single option in the title. This would create an apparent ordering limitation.

Write an engaging and detailed description. Your item’s description is the best place to tell the story and inspiration behind the piece and give shoppers the details they’re looking for.

We recommend breaking out your description into three main areas:

  1. 3-4 line overview description
    Tell the piece’s story. Include information about its materials and the skills and technique used to complete the piece. Also use language that indicates that the piece is made to order so it’s clear this is not an off-the-shelf item.

  2. Dimensions and Feature sections
    For tables and furniture we suggest including a Dimensions section that includes the dimensions of the item shown and what other sizes it can be ordered in. For jewelry and other smaller items we recommend using a Features section. Both sections should include bullet points of material options, techniques used and any other details you find important. We also recommend including the below bullet to maintain consistency:
    • Handmade to order
  3. Shipping section
    This section should include details such as the time it takes to ship, whether the item includes free shipping and any other details you find necessary. We recommend including shipping in your base price as you can then promote free shipping and this is very desirable for most customers. We also recommend adding the following lines to maintain consistency:
    • Make it yours by placing an order today
    • Made by <Your company and location>

Format your descriptions using CustomMade’s standard convention.

  • Use line breaks when entering your information
  • Use all capitals to call attention to your sections - FEATURES, DIMENSIONS/FEATURES & SHIPPING
  • Use a “-” dash at the start of the bulleted information you add under your dimensions and features sections

Need an example? Here are two listings we think are great:

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