How do I correspond with customers via the CustomMade website?

When a customer messages you or responds to your proposal via CustomMade, you'll see an indicator at the top of all pages on CustomMade pages (presuming you're logged in to CustomMade). Clicking on the envelope brings you to your inbox, where you'll see all correspondence.

Your inbox is also accessible on any smartphone, simply by going to and logging into your account.

All of your correspondence with customers will appear in your inbox. Messages are grouped by job, and jobs with the most recent messages will appear at the top of the list. Click on any message to view that exchange. Each entry has an indicator telling you the status of the job, and you can filter messages by status using the links on the left:

  • Inquiry: Exchanges about potential jobs or new project requests
  • Proposal: Exchanges regarding projects for which you've sent a proposal
  • In Progress: Exchanges regarding projects you're working on
  • Completed: Exchanges about projects you've completed
  • Archived: Exchanges you've archived
  • Declined: Exchanges about jobs you've turned down

You can also search messages using the search box in the upper right corner of the page just under your new messages indicator. 

Click on the message/job to see the full message. Below each message, you'll see a block where you can enter your reply and attach files to your message. Simply enter your response, attach any files if desired, and click the send button.

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