Can I add a watermark to my photos?

As a maker, you may be inclined to add a watermark, logo, or other marking to your listing photos as a way to identify work as your own. CustomMade discourages watermarked photos, as they can be confusing to customers and detract from the product you are highlighting. Also, listings with watermarked photos will not be included in curated galleries and marketing emails.

However, if you feel strongly about including a watermark or other marking on your photos, we ask that you follow these three simple rules:

  • The item depicted in the photo cannot be obscured by the marking
  • The marking cannot include contact information like an email address or phone number
  • The marking cannot include a web address (URL)

If you upload a listing that includes photos that don't adhere to the three rules, the listing will not be approved until it has been revised. Additionally, if you have existing listings with photos that don't comply with the three rules, you will be asked to modify or remove those photos.

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