How do I order an item I found on CustomMade?

While browsing CustomMade, if you come across a maker's item that suits your needs, you can request to have that project made, with or without additional customizations.

1. Log in to your CustomMade account. (Not signed up yet? Learn more here.)

2. Navigate to the project. If you know the maker's name, you can find his or her listings by clicking Search at the top of the screen and typing their name in the search bar.

3. Once you've found the project you are interested in you'll see one of two options. 

  • The maker may have enabled customers to order the item with several pre-picked customization options. Options may include but are not limited to size, materials, engravings, and designs you would like. If this is the case, a form will be available like the one below. Simply complete the form and click the yellow button Place an order. You may also click Or contact maker for custom request to include more specific instructions for the maker.

  • Some makers do not have a custom form for their products. If this is the case simply enter your zip code and any details you would like to include in the Customize this order text box and click the yellow button Send Custom Request

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