My maker edited the proposal. How do I accept or reject the changes?

In some instances, you may find that as your project progresses, changes to its specifications may need to change. Whether it's the delivery date or a change in materials, all changes must be reflected in the project's proposal.

When this happens, your maker will submit an updated proposal to you. You will receive an email from CustomMade notifying you that changes have been submitted for your review. Changes to a proposal will not go into effect until you have accepted them.

To review updates to your proposal, log in to your CustomMade account, click here or navigate to your project page. Here, you will be able to compare the initial proposal with the updated proposal. You can accept the changes or message the maker if you require further clarification around the terms of the revised proposal.

If your revised proposal includes a change to the total cost of the project and you have already made an initial payment, CustomMade's payment processing platform will calculate the difference and adjust what you owe for the next payment. Learn more about payment terms >>

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