How do I accept a proposal?

A maker will send you a proposal outlining the specific details of your project after you have indicated that you would like to move forward with working with them. A proposal is your digital contract with a maker, so remember to read it carefully and clarify any questions or concerns before accepting. The following information is included in a proposal:

  • message from the maker and any pertinent attachments, including photos, sketches, or mock-ups
  • The estimated delivery date
  • The payment terms. Learn more about payment terms >> 
  • The payment schedule. In most instances, you will be required to pay a portion of your total payment up front, with a second payment due when the maker marks the project as complete.
  • The total price of the project. Shipping is included unless otherwise stated by the maker. 


After you have carefully reviewed your proposal, there are three ways to proceed. You can:

1. Accept the proposal. If everything is in order and you'd like to work with that maker, accept the proposal! Upon acceptance, you will be billed the first portion of your total payment, based on the payment terms set forth by the maker.
2. Reply to the maker. If you'd like the maker to edit or clarify any portion of the proposal, simply send the maker a message letting them know. The maker will resubmit the proposal and you will have another chance to review it before accepting. Learn more about accepting an edited proposal >>
3. Decline the proposal. If you decide not to proceed with the proposal, you can decline it. We will notify the maker that the proposal has been declined.
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