How do I message makers who are interested in my project?

There are two ways to reply to a maker who has sent you a message about your project.

1. Reply directly to the email you receive from CustomMade. When a maker messages you, we will send that message to the email address you used to sign up for CustomMade. Simply hit 'reply to message' on the email, type your message, and hit 'send.' Your message will go directly to the maker and a copy of the message will also be posted to your project timeline on CustomMade.

2. Reply on CustomMade. First, log in to your CustomMade account and follow the steps below.

Click on your name and then select Projects from the dropdown menu.

Navigate to the maker's message and click Reply.

Type your message and add an optional attachment by clicking Add an attachment. When you are done, click Send. The maker will be able to view your message on the project's timeline, and also receive an email from CustomMade letting them know that they have a message to respond to.

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