When do I ship the completed project?

Once the customer's payment has been processed, CustomMade will email you to let you know the money is on its way to your WePay account.* You then have up to two business days to ship the item. When shipping the item, you must insure it for its full value. This protects both you and the customer in the event the item is damaged or lost during delivery. 

After you've arranged for shipping, log in to your CustomMade account, enter the shipping information, and mark the item shipped. You'll need to select the carrier and enter the tracking number. There’s an "Other" option if you're using a shipper other than those in the drop-down menu. If you're delivering the item personally, select the "I will deliver myself option." 

Completing this final step prompts an automatic email (see example below) to your customer with your tracking information and closes the job in our system. This helps CustomMade learn more about where our customers are ordering from to find new ways to attract new customers to you in the future.

*US makers only


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