How does a customer pay me through WePay?

There are a few easy steps to the payments process.


Step 1: When drafting the proposal for a project, determine how you prefer to split payments. (Note: For proposals on projects up to $1,000, makers can select between three payment terms:  100% up front, a 66/34 split or a 50/50 split.  For proposals on projects over $1,000, Makers can select between two payment terms:  a 66/34 split or a 50/50 split.)

Step 2: When a customer accepts the proposal, he or she will automatically be prompted to either pay up front (for projects up to $1,000) or put down the initial deposit, which is deposited into WePay’s secure account.  

Step 3: WePay then transfers the money into your account (minus processing and commission fees) typically within 1-2 business days.  

Step 4: When you’ve finished the custom project, log onto CustomMade and mark it as complete.  If the entire payment was made upfront, you can ship the completed item at any time. If you’re on a split payment schedule, CustomMade will automatically bill the Buyer for their final payment within 24 hours.  

Step 5: Once final payment has been secured, we’ll email you to let you know that it’s time to ship the final product. Just like with the initial payment, WePay transfers the funds into your account typically 1-2 days after you have marked the project as complete.

Note: WePay is currently only available to makers in the U.S.

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