How do I use the maker dashboard?


Log in to your CustomMade account to access your dashboard.


1. View your profile & edit your profile

Easily view your public profile and update it with photos that illustrate your expertise and work.

2. View statistics

The statistics widget displays how many jobs you've won, how much money you've earned, how many customer reviews you've received, and how many customers have viewed your profile.

3. Manage jobs in progress

New dashboard notifications tell you when you last sent or received messages for jobs you are actively working on.

4. View status of potential jobs

New dashboard notifications also let you know when a customer has requested a proposal from you, and reminds you of proposals you've already sent.

5. Access your account, help & other quick links

Manage your account settings or click Help to access the maker blog and FAQs, where you can easily get in touch with the CustomMade Support Team.

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