How do I add videos to my profile?

Your CustomMade profile includes a Videos tab. You can add videos to that page through your maker dashboard. Here's how:

1.) Find the video you want to display on YouTube

2.) Right click on the video (Mac users: use CTRL-click) and select "Get video URL." Copy the URL.


3.) Log in to CustomMade, click on the  downward arrow next to your business name at the top of the page and select Profile > Add Video.


4.) Paste the URL into the field at the top of the page

5.) When you see the image of the video appear, you can edit the title and description that are imported from You Tube if desired. Then. click on the Add Video button to add the video to your profile.


Edit or remove videos

You can edit or remove your video at any time from the same page. Just click on the "Remove video" link to the right of the "Edit video" button.



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