How do I edit or retract a proposal?

There are a few reasons why you may need to change a proposal after it has been accepted by the customer. Generally, makers edit a proposal to account for increases in the cost of the job or changes to the estimated delivery date. A proposal can be changed at any point up until the finished product is shipped.

When you make an edit to a previously accepted proposal, the customer is notified by email and prompted to accept or decline the changes to the proposal. 

Navigate to the “In Progress” tab on your Inbox and find the job for which you need to edit the proposal.


Then, click the project and navigate to 'Your Proposal' on the right-hand side of the screen. Click 'View/edit Proposal.'


You're now able to make the necessary changes. When you're done, click 'Submit.'

The changes have now been sent to the customer. Note that any changes you make to the proposal will not be visible to you until the customer accepts the changes.

If you find that you need to retract a proposal altogether, please reach out to our Support Department.

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