I have a lot of jobs in progress. Why am I unable to win more jobs?

Until a maker has a track record of success on CustomMade, there are limits on the number of jobs that maker can take on at any one time. These limits are fairly generous, so it's unlikely an individual maker will be blocked from taking on work because of them.

Here's how the limits work:

Minimum Requirements Limits on In-Progress Jobs
Active maker account 5 jobs or $7,500 in total value
3 completed projects and 2 5-star reviews 10 jobs or $15,000 in total value
10 completed projects and 6 5-star reviews 20 jobs or $30,000 in total value

Remember, these limits are based on jobs currently in progress. That is, if you find yourself blocked from taking on more jobs, all you need to do to remove the block is finish some of the jobs you're currently working on. Of course, you can also get more capacity by completing enough jobs and winning enough 5-star reviews to earn higher limits.

Note that these restrictions are imposed when you hit either limit. So the total number of jobs or the total value of those jobs can put you over the top. 

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