How do I remove a job from my Inquiry list?

In some instances you may find that a customer does not accept or reject your proposal, which leaves a "dead-end" job sitting in your Inbox. When this happens, you can easily clean up your list by archiving the job. When archiving a job, it is important to note that all of the project details are saved in case the customer does eventually get back in touch with you wanting to move forward.

1. Once you're logged into your CustomMade account access your Inbox. Then click your 'Inquiry' tab. Once you're there click on the job that you would like to archive.


2. Then click "Timeline/actions" and "Archive Project." The job will now be available under the 'Archived Jobs' tab. 


If the project picks up again, you can unarchive the project so that it reappears in your 'Inquires' tab. 

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