Tips for winning more jobs

Whether you've found a job you're interested in on the Job Board or have been contacted directly by a customer who is interested in working with you, there are a few things to keep in mind when attempting to turn interest into a won job.

1. Create a captivating maker profile

Nearly all customers look at a maker's profile before deciding whether or not to work with that person. Having a well written profile with nicely taken listing photos is critical in making a good first impression. Learn more about how to optimize your maker profile.

2. Respond quickly

The best custom jobs tend to get snatched up quickly. If you've found a good fit, don't wait to make contact with the customer! We've found that the first three makers to contact a customer have a greater chance of ultimately being selected for the job. Learn more.

If you are contacted directly by a customer, whether through a project request through one of your listings or by a customer clicking the "Contact" button on your profile we ask that you respond within 24 hours. If you're not able to do that, the customer will receive an email asking if he or she would like to hear from other makers. Learn more about our 24 hour exclusivity period here.

3. Be helpful & informative

Ask questions and provide guidance. Think a project would be better using a different material? Think the budget is too low? Show the customer that you are an expert in your field by guiding the conversation in a professional, helpful manner. Remember, many customers are new to the custom process, so they are relying on you to help them understand what it takes to create a truly unique custom product. Learn more.

4. Show & tell

Sometimes a simple sketch is all it takes to set you apart form other makers. Including a mock-up of the customer's idea is a great way to open up an in-depth conversation about the job. (Looking for a free online sketching tool? Check out Sketchup or

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