As a non-U.S. maker, how do I read my Invoices page?

You can see a detailed list of account charges, credits, and payments you’ve made in the Invoices section.

Navigate to the Invoices Page

The Invoice Page

1. Your Current Balance: This is what you currently owe CustomMade (the sum of all unpaid fees minus any credit you have been given) You may have a negative balance here if you have been credited with our plan changes. Any CustomMade credits can be put towards Job Board Commission fees. The balance isn’t due until date of invoice. Your charges accrue and you are billed on the day of the month that you joined CustomMade. All invoices are listed at the bottom of the page. Once you are invoiced, the amount outstanding will be shown under your current balance.

2. Make a Payment: You can pay as much as you like and you have the option of using either your Primary or Secondary Credit Card as listed in Billing.

3. Transaction ID: This number is used for our reference. Every charge or credit gets its own ID- this is NOT the job number. 

4. Date: Date the charge/credit was applied to your balance (Not to be confused with date of invoice… See #1)

5. Charge Type: The title of the job you won.

6. Due: The amount of the charge. There is a 10% commission fee on all jobs you win through the site (note: the fees are charged in proportion to what the customer pays. On a 50/50 payment plan, you are charged 5% on proposal acceptance, 5% on completion)

7. Invoices: These are bills for all monthly charges that have accrued in each period

8. Review: This lets you see the copy of the invoice that you were emailed.

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